StoKolex raised in 2004 as a cooperation between Robert Stoop and the Fa. A.F. Kolken & Zn.

Robert Stoop has started in 1997 with the export of flower bulbs to Poland. Because he could not combine his work in Holland and Poland, he searched for a partner, who could take over the activities in Holland. He found the partner in the Fa. A.F. Kolken & Zn. They are specialized in the growing of tuberous begonia’s, gloxinia’s, tulips and crocuses. (www.kolken.com).

StoKolex is a fine company. We work with only a few people, so we can keep the communication lines short. Personal contact is very important for us. We try to visit our customers a few times during the growing season to discuss the business and, when necessary, give them some production support.

Tulips are our main course, which we can deliver in more than 100 varieties. Varieties from which we think, are very suitable for the flower bulb market in Eastern Europe. We always keep our varieties up to date and try to search for new ones every year.

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