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 In 2010 and 2011 we organized, in cooperation with the local authorities, a flower show in the Polish city Gdansk. Mainly tulips, irises and lilies were exhibited there. We used tulips and irises from the local growers and flowers of the flower show “Lenteweelde” in Obdam (The Netherlands). Directly after this show, the flowers were transported to Poland, where they were promoted as the Dutch flowers in Poland a weekend later.

Alongside a growing number of visitors, there was also a lot of media-intension as the national radio and tv.  

  tulip in front of window%2C aluminium box


With the opening of the flower show in Gdansk in February 2011 a new tulip is baptized. The tulip is named after the old president of Poland, Lech Walesa. The wife of Walesa, Danuta, had the honour to baptize the tulip.

As the colors of the flag of Poland, this tulip is red, with a white border.

We grow the tulip “Lech Walesa” ourselves. At this moment only a limited amount is available. For more information about the tulip “Lech Walesa”  you can contact us.

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